Thursday, 11 June 2009


Good evening
Well what a day I've had! Today was the day that I was going to update my blog not with cards but with things I should have put on a while ago. Why doesn't anything ever go to plan?!
Got a phone call from my sons school. He is in his first year GCSE's and they have so many exams this week and next week and he is quite anxious about it all so 2 phone calls later I wasn't really capable of doing much at all. Connor has autism and I know a lot of children get anxious over exams (I know I did many moons ago!) but obviously I worry for him with his autism and understanding and knowing the anxiousness he can feel with his autism. I'm probably not explaining this very well. Anyway to cut a long story short the worry before I went to pick him up rendered me unable to get much done today!! He's home now and ok and revising now for more exams tomorrow.
So I am determined to make a few posts! I am having a glass of wine and feeling more relaxed now!
At Easter I was very very lucky to win one of Sandi's fabulous cards from her 'Peeps' collection by leaving a comment on her blog. Well when I received it not only was it even better in real life (if that could be possible!) but she sent me some gorgeous goodies too, see all of them in the photographs above!
Thank you Sandi so so much.
You can see Sandi's incredible work on her blog Sandi does the most original creative work I have ever seen and so generously shares her techniques too.

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Scrappymax said...

Sorry to hear you are having a bit of a stressful/rough time. I can understand totally, I grew up with a brother with Tourettes and my Son has inflamatory bowel disease. Will be thinking of your son and sending prayers that he gets through stressful time.
Hugs MAX x


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