Thursday, 11 June 2009


Good evening again!
I have been honoured to receive some awards recently from some very dear blogger friends.
Thank you so much to Barb and Sandy who sent me the 'I truly appreciate Your Blog Support' award That is so kind of you both. These ladies are both wonderful warm people and both very very creative too. Pop over to their blogs and have a look for yourselves!
Also I received a beautiful award from Eileen, Eileen created this award herself for all her MB (Cricut MB ) friends, How special is that! Thank you so much Eileen. Another very ver y creative lady and please pop over and have a look at her gorgeous creations
I have received quite a few other awards this year that I haven't posted, I didn't put them up at the time even though I so apprecited receiving them as I was not really creating anything and didn't feel worthy of posting them but I feel I'm back on track now and will be posting them in my sidebar with many many thanks to you all.

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