Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Good evening everyone
I'm so excited as you can see from the title! Anyway the story is that there is a craze on the Cricut Forum for Skittles. What are Skittles you may ask. Well the only way I can describe the is that they are like a clear acrylic flat based cabouchon and they come in lots of colours. Thay are only available in the US and Canada but make really fabulous embellishments for cards.

Marilyn a fellow UK cricut MB member started a thread to see if there was anyone who knew if they were available here in the Uk. I posted that I was looking too and low and behold Steph(Pinkstar) an MB member from Canada mailed us and offered to do some shopping for us. Wow how wonderful was that and how kind!

So they arrived today and I must say look even better 'in the flesh'! so be prepared to see them on lots of my cards in the future!!

Oh by the way their real name is decorative accents and they are sold to go in vases and with candles but the lady on the MB who discovered them goes by the name Silly Skittles on the forum so they have been named Skittles after her!

Here is a picture of my new Skittles!!


Lana said...

Wow Julie you are so lucky!!! I have looksd everywhere for skittles with no luck. You have a great variety. Can't wait to see your skittle cards!

Nikki said...

No wonder why I haven't been able to find them, I'm been going by the name of skittles and from pictures I thought they had a little hole in the middle of them. If I knew what they were really meant for I would have know exactly where to get them! :P


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