Monday, 26 May 2008


Hello everyone
Well I saw this being made with the Craft Robo and thought to myself I'll have a go at designing one of these with Cricut Design Studio and Cricut Expression. Well I was so excited when it worked posted it on the Cricut MB and guess what I left out the H!!!!!. Luckily a very nice MB member emailed me to tell me!! Lol luckily it had not been up for long so not many people had downloaded it!

Anyway I went back to the drawing board and redid it and here's the result. I am quite pleased and I will put some step by step instructions as where to score and fold although when you see it you'll probably be able to figure this out easily.
I am going to try to embed the .cut file this will be my first time so be patient if I can't do it straight away!

Hope you can use this in some way, obviously you can use your choice of card and embellishment and decorate as you wish! I'm already thinking names in cards!

Ok posted all pictures above haven't mastered the art of editing words in between the pictures yet so here are the instructions for putting the template together. For easiness I have just cut the design in black and white so you can see the design.

The card is made with 2 pieces of A4(81/2x11") card. After cutting the white card score as in pic 3 as you can see 3 score lines. Fold as in pic 4. Take another piece of A4 and fold in half lengthways. I use a dry glue or doublesided to adhere cutout to card. Place the cutout inside card so that your middle score matches up with the middle score of the black card, then stick down one edge to the bottom inside of your card. Fold down your cut out then glue top and close the black card over the top . This way you get perfect positioning and your card will close flat. Voila see Pic 1&2. My instructions are probably as clear as mud! lol but its's easy really!!

Right then now I will attempt to embed the.cut file.! Please leave me a little comment if you like it.

Designed with Cricut Design Studio and Plantin School Cartridge and cut with Cricut Expression

Woohoo I did it Thanks for your patience!!


Kim said...

This is fab, thanks for sharing. I saw it on the Cricut MB and downloaded it. I am sure I will use it very soon, thanks again you clever thing!!

Lana said...

Wow this is so clever Julie, and a great thing to do for cards. I will definately be giving this a try. I have not really used ds yet & won't have a clue how to share files! lol

michelle said...

wow julie this is wonderful i don't have design studio yet to scared to try it lol !

Enfys said...

Wow Julie, this is so clever. I am in awe of all these DS creations. I have it, and apart from doing feeble things, haven't even used it yet. This is just fabulous.x

Justine said...

This is fab Julie! I must get that DS!!!
Justine x

Zmalik said...

Use of 3d is captivating... i will defiantly going to practice it when ever i go for
Membership card printing....


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