Saturday, 4 September 2010


Good afternoon all
I've picked a winner today for my little Blogcandy using
                                   DRUMROLL PLEASE!


                                              MARY JEAN

Mary Jean congratulations! Could you email me your address at and I'll send your candy out asap!

On another note folks just want to say that my Laptop died the other day so I'm working off my ancient slow as a snail desktop at the moment so if I don't get round to your blogs you know why!
I'm taking my laptop to the Computer shop on Monday in the hope that they can retrieve my files I have not backed up! I know I know my own fault and believe me I won't make that mistake again, if they can't retrieve I will lose all the digitals I have purchased, don't even want to think about it! And I feel like I've lost my right arm without my precious Cricut Design Studio just hope when I get a new laptop that Provo will be speedy in giving me a new number!

Ah well it's only a computer. My darling boy Connor starts college on Monday, so an exciting and scary time for us both, that's far more important than my computer! Good luck Connor I'm so very proud of you!

Enjoy your weekend everyone


CelticWoman said...

oh Julie, I am going to go do my backups now!!! So excited for Connor, good luck to him and have a good weekend. Hugs

Mary Jean said...

omg!!! Thank you so much!!! Sorry that I had not gotten back to check out your blog again. has been a crazy week!
thank you so much again!!!


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