Wednesday, 31 December 2008

I Received This Gorgeous Award From Justine!!

I just received this gorgeous award from the wonderfully talented Justine. Thank you so much Justine! Please pop over to her blog and you will see what I mean her cards are fabulous!

The Rules
You must list 5 of your addictions
List 5 of your favourite bloggers

Here goes 5 addictions
The Cricut Message Board lol I think many of us are addicted to it!
My cricut
Cappucinno Yum Yum
Paper lots of yummy patterned paper especially DCWV
Bloghopping on my computer!

And 5 of my favourite bloggers although all the blogs I frequent are wonderful the 5 I will choose are
Lillie at
Michelle at
Donna at
Lana at
Sandy at
Visit any one of these wonderful ladies blogs and you'll be in for a real treat!!

MMMmm normally when I add blog addresses you can click on them and go straight to the blog but doesn't seem to be working for me today! The links to the blogs are on my sidebar too so please visit them! Any help with this problem would be wonderful! Thanks


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Congratulations Julie, and thank you for picking me, I know there are better blogs than mine, I feel so honored.. silly me, I am going to cry. Thank you

"Um Buggin" said...

Omg!!! Thank you so much my friend. I'm so glad to hear from you, been too long....and you also posted a very beautiful picture of yourself. I love it, it is always so nice to put a face with the name. Was wondering when you were going to get around to that. LOL I know, it take time. Gonna e-mail you to chat if your'e not too busy. Missed you!!


DonnaMundinger said...

How sweet of you girlfriend! Thank you so much! Have really missed chatting. Hope you're lovin' your new job. The holidays have really done me in. Wish you lived on this side of the pond so I could just pick up the phone like Lillie and I do. So great to see your face! Hugs, D

michelle said...

Hi Julie, thankyou so much for the award and all your kind well wishes !! Really missed blogging this past couple of weeks but hopefully i can catch up with everyone !! So glad you put your pic up and a great pic it is too !!Hope you had a great christmas and an even better new year !!

huge hugs
michelle x


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