Monday, 6 October 2008


Good evening
Just wanted to mention that there is a UK Cricut forum! It's a relatively young forum so I thought I would let people know about it so hopefully membership will grow. So if you have tips and inspiration to share or are looking to chat with people who have been bitten by the bug pop on over and check it out!


Barb said...

I'm not in the UK, but I have started using my Cricut more than ever. Take a look at my Halloween Paper Doll Cards that I had so much fun making. Feel free to pass them on to your new forum --- and have FUN with the only Cricut I like to find in my basement studio!

Lana said...

Thanks for the info Julie!!
We definately needed something
over for us in the UK. I will be popping over for a look
Lana x

Enfys said...

I'll pop over and say hi later xx


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