Monday, 23 June 2008


Hello all

Just been over to the Cricut messageboard and Kazz a messageboard friend posted a lovely dufex decoupage card, it reminded me that I had some somewher in my stash so I hunted them out (oh how I wish I had a craft room where I could keep everything in one place!)

Anyway thought I would make one of the faerie decoupages and this is the result. They are so shiny which makes them look so 3D when the are made up. Thought I'd share her with you.


Crayola58 said...

This is so fantastic I can't stop looking and admiring.

michelle said...

Wow Absolutely gorgeous !! where did you buy the decoupage kit for this ? never seen them here !!

Kazz said...

Julie this is gorgeous!

I am with you on the wish for a craft room. Now that I have finished school for the summer I am sorting out my craft stuff and there is so much stuff I just cant find. If I had a craft room it would all have its place and wouldnt get lost.

lol just need the youngest son to leave home now then I get my wish.


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