Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Good Evening
I needed a couple of man cards and as I've said before I do struggle with them! I always seem to make them on the computer as then they're not frilly!

Anyway the first one is for my Nephew Daniel who is just turning 17 don't really know what he is into so I usually stick to name cards when I am not sure!

The second is for an old friend Charles who likes red wine so I designed a photocard and put text on it!
Both cards are printed on a good weight photo glossy card which doesn't really show in the pictures!

Before cricut I designed a lot of cards on the computer that seems to be getting less these days!

Well I'll be honest with you I'm not making many cards period as I just can't drag myself away from the Cricut Message Board!!!. I'm sure this is true of many of the members!!!!

They are quite plain and simple tfl!!


Lana said...

Your really good at designing cards on the computer. I always struggle with masculine cards too as I love girly colours. I will remember next time I need to make one to look at yours for inspiration!

craftaddict said...

Love the glass of wine, time to open a bottle?
I know what you mean about the MB, I have cut a load of envelopes for cards I have made and need to assemble them as soon as I get off the board!!!!


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