Saturday, 26 July 2008


Just thought I'd share this. My son Connor who is 14 has never ever showed an interest in crafting and oh I have tried! Even when he was little his friends would come over and I'd get some craft stuff out and they would all love cutting and sticking but not Connor Oh No he thought it was boring!

Anyway its funny what an electronic toy will do for a boy! When he saw what my Cricut can do all of a sudden he wanted a go! He made this card with the cricut for his friend who loves 'The Legend Of Zelda' PS game. Apparently it depicts the Tri Force and he also cut out the numbers for his age to put in the middle. He got me to post this on the Cricut MB too and received some lovely comments. So now I guess I will have to share my cricut when he next feels the need to make a card! lol!

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Saige/Grace said...

You know my brother showed an uncharacteristic fascination in the Cricut as well. How interesting to see this post!! Keep on posting your beautiful work!

Gracie at


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